Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Future Plans

Well, I've officially moved on from the point in my life where I'd constantly visit Sonic-related forums, go to the IRC, and communicate with different Sonic fans. That part is officially over, and to be quite honest, I'm glad. I've dealt with SO many Sonic fans on the internet who are some of the nastiest people ever known to mankind. At least, based on what's been posts. Though I haven't exactly posted my true nature with them to my full extent, I wouldn't dare to. Assuming that their internet personalities are exactly the same, these people are some of the biggest narcissistic jerks that I've ever met. To be quite honest, I've been somewhat of a jerk to them in a way, but in a backlash form. Oh, well. That part of my life is over, and I'm glad that I won't go back to that nasty IRC, or those awful Sonic-related forums. Nope. That's over with.

So now that I've move past that, I've officially taken it upon the liberty to enter a new phase in my life. That is, get my degree and make my own independent video game. I'm somewhat hoping that it will be along the lines of a Triple-A game, as I will put as much effort into the game as possible. I refuse to let ANY of it slide!

That's my plans. Sonic fans, in the past. My own independent game in the now.

Oh, and, if you're any one of those people that I've mentioned above, and you're reading this... BITE ME.

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